Aglea Derma



This unique spectrophotometric system combines the best from two worlds – medicine and physics. With Visia we can make 3D photos of your profile and full-face. This allows us to see every little imperfection of your skin. By doing so, we know how to make your skin look even better.


Feel the oxygen power with OxyGeneo+. Unlike other units, OxyGeneo+ combines three revolutionary technologies that vitalize your skin. The result is balanced oxygen saturation and young-looking skin.
Lumenis M22


We call LUMENIS M22 the magic wand. This multifunctional laser technology is able to treat as much as 30 different dermatologic conditions. In short, forget about your skin issues.
Maximus Tri Lipo

Maximus Tri Lipo™

Stop dreaming, the perfect body is now possible thanks to Maximus Tri Lipo™. No need for exercises. This technology enhances your metabolism through radio waves and muscle stimulation. As a result, your body burns calories much more effectively.
Lumenis Light Sheer

LightSheer® DESIRE

Perfect smooth skin is what LightSheer® DESIRE was made for. Laser depilation is harmless, quick and extraordinarily effective. Needless to say, LightSheer® DESIRE sets the industry's standards.
FemTouch On AcuPulse


Rediscover your feminine self with AcuPulse™! We can turn back the time with this unit. AcuPulse™ is CO2 fraction ablative laser that combines dermatology and gynecology.

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