Meso threads (Thread lifting)

What is thread lifting?


Thread lifting uses tiny threads which go beneath the facial skin. The threads themselves are biodegradable, meaning they should not cause allergies and inflammation. Once your body starts to metabolize them, the thread material benefits the facial blood circulation and stimulates the creation of new collagen. This regenerative effect of thread lifting is found to be long-lasting.


On which zones can we use meso lifting?

Thread lifting is most effective on the loose facial skin (for example double chin, eye and eyebrow bags) as well as thighs, arms, and belly loose skin. 

What is the procedure?

Each aesthetic dermatologist approaches patients differently as there are several meso lifting techniques. In most cases, physicians use small needles to insert the threads under the skin, so there is no need for cutting the skin itself. There are visible results almost immediately after the procedure, though the maximum effect comes after a month. Generally, the visible results stand intact between one and two years.

Is there anesthesia?

There is no need for a strong one. We usually use only anesthetic crème to treat the desired areas.

What about the recovery process?

Virtually there is no recovery process because this is a non-surgical intervention. However, some more sensitive patients treat the areas with ice. In some cases, patients report they experience slight pain or bruising but this is easily treated with painkillers. Since the intervention requires the penetration of the skin through needling there might be bruises on the treated areas but they naturally disappear after 2-3 days.

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