Salmon DNA rejuvenating therapy

A group of scientists from the Binghamton University led by the biomedical engineer Guy Gurman has discovered that salmon DNA preparation can block up to 90% of the UV light. After a series of researches, they have additionally found out that the extract from salmon caviar reduces the water loss in the dermis. The latter is an important feature of the salmon DNA as it can be used to sustain the optimal water balance within the skin. That's why salmon DNA extract has numerous applications in the anti-age medicine.

What is salmon DNA meso lifting?


This method is used mainly to slow down the photoaging of the skin and to improve its water balance. Salmon DNA molecules also improve the collagen structure in the dermis, keeping it smooth and tight. The visible result is younger looking skin, fewer wrinkles, and sharper face contour.

How is it applied? Are there any side effects?

Salmon DNA treatment follows the traditional mesotherapy micro-needling techniques. Prior to the manipulation, we apply anesthetic crème on the areas that are going to be treated. It is possible to see some slight bruises after the procedure but they will disappear on a nick of time.

How many procedures do I need?

We recommend 1-5 five manipulation over a period of 1-3 weeks. You can combine salmon DNA therapy with hyaluronic acid therapy as both have a synergy effect.

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