Hair Loss Treatment

Types of hair loss:

  • androgenic (most commonly found in men). It is due to the inheritance of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) sensitivity in the hair follicles. The most commons symptoms are thinner hairs and literally less hair growing on the scalp. To find the best solution for each individual, specialists examine to what extent the hair loss has taken toll.
  • reactive – it is mostly found in women. The factors that may trigger it include various diets, hormonal changes as well as various medicaments. This condition is completely reversible when treated properly.
  • Alopecia areata – it is common in kids and youngsters suffering from other conditions such as autoimmune disorders, stress, etc.
  • hair loss due to systemic diseases – infections, skin and overall health conditions, fungi infections, endocrinopathy, anemia, psoriasis, Lihen ruber planus, Lupus erythematosus, and others.

лечение на косопад

There are several ways to treat hair loss:

  • through specific medicaments
  • mesotherapy on the scalp – with the use of very small needless we can inject vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other growth factors that "feed" the hair follicles, improve the local blood circulation, thus enhancing the hair growth and improving the hair thickness.
  • plasmotherapy (PRP) – this method uses the body's natural regenerating abilities. When applied to the scalp it stimulates the hair follicles, thus increasing the quality and quantity of the hairs.
  • hair follicles transplantation – this is a modern surgical method, which allows for the "plantation" of hundreds of hair follicles. The specialists take them from other areas, which are still not affected by the hair loss process. Hair follicles transplantation leads to long-term natural results.

Each patient requires individual treatment, to find out what would be the best for you, we have to examine you first.

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