Hyperhydrosis treatment

There is nothing wrong with sweating. It is a natural reaction of the body when the surrounding environment is too warm. In fact, life is impossible without the thermo-regulative mechanisms of the human body. On average we sweat over 20,000 liters in our whole life.

What is hyperhydrosis?

Simply said, it is a condition in which people sweat excessively – more than 3-4 times the average person does. This condition is characterized by local sweating – palms, underarms, feet or the whole body. The most effective way to stop the oversecreting sweat glands is through the injection of Botulinum toxin (BT). The symptoms may vary depending on the surroundings and the season.

As a result of hyperhydrosis, people report overall discomfort and impaired social relationships.

Probable causes include:

  • psychogenic reasons
  • overweight
  • climax or young age
  • hyperfunction of the thyroid glands
  • vegetative-vascular dystonia
  • genetic reasons
  • long periods of antibiotics treatment
  • pregnancy
  • various therapies

лечение на хиперхидроза

Numerous researches show that BT is the most effective way to fight excessive sweating. BT is injected intradermally without causing much discomfort. BT blocks the impulses from reaching the muscle fibers. Injection results in an extended, reversible drop in the cholinergic transmission.

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