Skin pigmentation treatment

Sometimes melanin is not distributed equally around the skin surface. This is why some people have uneven tanning and darker or brighter spots on their skin. The most common pigmentations include melasma, post-inflammatory pigmentations, and sunspots.

The best treatment is the prevention!

We can use various depigmentation substances like lotions, crèmes, pilings, which are less effective.

Laser therapy is the most effective way to destroy pigmented areas and spots. Depending on the area, its size, and color we use different lasers: Nd: YAG, Q-switched, IPL. To remove all undesired pigmentation patients go through several manipulations, which must take place during the fall/winter season. After the treatment, the area crusts over for about 5-6 days. Patients must use sunscreen protection (SPF+50) to avoid relapses.

Laser therapy is not suitable for patients with infections, cancer lesions, dysplastic nevus, epilepsy, photodermatitis, pregnant and lactating women as well as patients who take photosensitization medicaments.

лечение на пигментации

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