Breast enlargement and breast reduction

What do I have to know about breast enlargement?

Every woman can artificially enlarge her small breast via implants. Many women that have pendulous breast due to pregnancy, lactation, weight loss, aging or due to other reasons, can use implants to achieve better looks.

The easiest and quickest way to have better-looking breast is to have silicone implants set. Our plastic surgeon will individually consult every patient in an effort to help her choose the most suitable set of implants. Implants themselves may vary in size (large/medium/small), shape (round-shaped, anatomic/natural looking), surface (smooth or uneven), and setting (above or under the muscle).  Each patient can design the implant's size personally. This guarantees that the results will be satisfying and the patient will enjoy her renewed breast for life.

Silicone implants make the breast look both natural and beautiful all at the same time. 

уголемяване и намаляване на бюста

Is breastfeeding possible after such a surgery?

There are virtually no reasons for a woman not to be able to breastfeed her baby. The plastic surgery does not affect the mammary glands. They remain intact and functional after the operation and there are no risks either for the mother nor the baby.

What exactly is the breast-size reduction?

There are multiple problems that come with large breasts. The large size might be due to pregnancy, obesity or hormonal disorder but in each case, it causes both medical and aesthetic issues. These conditions are called hypertrophy and macromastia and they require operational reduction of the breast size. Breast hypertrophy and macromastia can lead to spinal distortion, back pain, and a variety of psychosocial issues. For similar reasons, many women prefer to reduce the size of their breasts. The plastic surgeon removes the excess breast tissue and skin while keeping the mammary glands intact. As a result, the patient has a better-looking breast.

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