Liposuction and liposculpture

We often associate health and vitality with the body sculpture. Proportional and fit bodies, to be more precise.  If you don't feel comfortable in your own body, get rid of the excess fat and regain your self-confidence.

Chose one of our plastic surgeons and get things going!

What is liposuction actually?

There are three main procedures:

  • conventional fat removal
  • fat dissolution (decomposition)
  • ultrasonic-assisted liposuction

All of the above-mentioned techniques are used to remove fat stored in the: cheeks, chest, upper arms, thighs, ankles, belly, waist, etc.

липосукция и липоскулптура

Where to start from?

The first and most important thing is to discuss your needs and aims with a renowned plastic surgeon, who will help you clear your ideas. When possible, plastic surgeons take into consideration patients desires and advise them regarding the realistic possibilities. Please, pay attention to what your surgeon is saying and always follow the instructions.


  • follow the instructions given you be the plastic surgeon and take every prescription regularly
  • find out as much as possible about different anesthetics
  • recovery requirements and special cares
  • you will be asked to sign an agreement about the procedure's details and possible outcomes
  • you will be given thorough information regarding the risks involved

Liposuction requires either local or general anesthesia since it is a surgical procedure. After the surgery, you will receive detailed information about what you should and should not do in order to recover completely. Having bruises is completely normal after the surgery. Once the swelling disappears you will be able to enjoy the new shapes of your body.

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