What is OxyGeneo+® and how does it work?



Nothing in our bodies can function without oxygen. Our cells need oxygen not only for breathing but for regeneration and reparation purposes as well. That is exactly why it is of crucial importance for our skin and its smoothness. The question is, how do we saturate it with this essential microelement?

The answer is - OxyGeneo+®

The difference between OxyGeneo+® and other similar products is that OxyGeneo+® uses three technologies all at the same time:

OxyGeneo® - gentle exfoliation

The manipulation starts with surface exfoliation (manual cleaning of the epidermis). This aims to remove the dead cells, thus opening up space for the oxygenation of the skin. Once the unit's neck touches your skin it releases CO2. This happens thanks to the gel we use, which contains saleratus and citric acid. This procedure triggers the oxygenation of the skin as the body tries to get rid of the CO2 layer over the epidermis. The blood vessels ditch CO2 in favor of oxygen.

OxyGeneo® Ultrasound  - Neobright and Neorevive gel infusion

Once the skin is saturated with oxygen it eases the infusion of our two special gels NeoRevive and NeoBright. NeoRevive smoothens the skin by removing its tiny wrinkles and lines. It also shrinks the pores, hydrates, and revitalizes and evens its tanning. What's even better is that it has long-lasting effects. It works even better on aged skin, as its active ingredients are hyaluronic acid, retinol, and peptides. The hyaluronic acid and the peptides have synergy effects on the skin, keeping its optimal hydro balance. On the other hand, retinol has proven anti-aging effect as it is vitamin A derivative. NeoBright is the perfect solution for photoaged and prone to acne skin. This gel smoothens the pigmentation and acne while evening the tan at the same time. Its active ingredients are azelaic acid, codic acid, and retinol. Azelaic acid has depigmentation, antibacterial, anti-rosacea effects. In addition, codic acid fights pigmentations. Both gels are totally harmless and have long-term effects when applied properly. The treatment duration highly depends on the individual.

OxyGeneo® Tripollar – multi-polarized radio frequency

This method is perhaps the most effective method for non-invasive lifting in the aesthetic dermatology industry. It tightens up the skin and the enlarged pores, shapes the facial contour, and reduces the number of wrinkles. Long-term use has proven to enhance the production of collagen in the skin tissues.

Who is it suitable for?

Oxygeneo+ is suitable for all skin types and its procedures are available during every season. You can combine it with other aesthetic procedures such as radio frequency lifting, mesotherapy, plasmotherapy, botulinum toxin, and dermal fillers. We treat each patient with individual consumables, thus achieving high levels of hygiene.

What is the duration of each intervention? How often do interventions happen?

Oxygeneo+ 3 in 1 procedures take between 30 and 40 minutes. The period between separate manipulations is usually a week or ten days. For best and long-lasting results we recommend 4-6 procedures, depending on each person individual needs.

"Oxygeneo+ perfectly removes the dead skin layers, while revitalizing the skin in depth and supplying it with the necessary active ingredients for dealing with the problem."

Dr. Ghislaine Beilin – Paris, France

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