Visia – the modern approach towards aesthetic dermatology. For the first time available in Plovdiv. Only at medical center AGLEA DERMA!


VISIA is a last generation spectrophotometric system for skin analyzes. The rotating module allows for picturing patients both sides as well as their full-face. VISIA utilizes UV flash and filter, providing 3D photos. Skin analysis has never been that detailed, which allows us to thoroughly examine the upper skin layers. The apparatus processes the gathered data visualizing it both as graphs and percentage. This makes it easier for specialists to determine your skin's specific needs.

The IntelliFlash® features provide detailed information about to what extent UV light has damaged your skin. This includes immunofluorescence analysis of the upper skin porphyrins. Thanks to the unit's high resolution every pigment becomes visible. The difference in their color and intensity is used in the diagnosis of hyperpigmentation, inflammatory lesions, vascular stars and many more.

The unique technology behind VISIA visualizes your skin. Furthermore, it provides statistical data on:

  • Lines and wrinkles along with their respective depth
  • In-depth and surface pigmentation
  • Enlarged pores
  • Blood vessels
  • Skin impairments
  • Porphyrins


VISIA automatically determines the phototype of your skin. In order to do this, VISIA uses the world's largest database and compares your data with the data of hundreds of other patients with similar age and skin characteristics.

On one hand, VISIA can simulate your skin's photoaging process to show you what to expect in the next 5 to 7 years. On the other hand, it visualizes they way your skin might look like if treated properly.

Using VISIA your dermatologist would be able to determine what treatment you need and how to apply it. You will get the analysis results printed on paper as well as your individual treatment methodology.

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